We have extended our family home with four properties, which are perfect for a single person or a couple traveling to Aruba. Note that all our vacation rentals are fully airconditioned and include cable and free Wi-Fi internet connection.
Three of the homes we are currently offering are two room units consisting of one bedroom with a king-size bed and closet, a spacious bathroom and a kitchenette with an attached living room. The homes come fully furnished making it perfect for both short and long term visits.
Our home's studio consists of one room that serves as a bedroom and living area and a small bathroom attached to it. It is perfect for a single person travelling but can also work for a couple spending a few weeks in Aruba.
We have also included a corner with basic appliances such as a fridge,  toaster, coffee maker and microwave in the living area so you can prepare quick meals at home. There is no stove, but you are always welcome to use the grill available to our guests.
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